The buddies program was established to make sure our shows were an inclusive environment that teaches our shining stars that they are apart of their local community and allows our buddies to learn more about their special needs peers. We have found that this program has been life changing for many of our buddies. Some have even dedicated their careers to the world of special education!

Our buddies not only help our shining stars learn new things but they have also developed strong friendships with each other!

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Buddy Chapters

Meet Our Current Buddies

Diego Colon

I’ve been in Shining Stars since I was 12. I like performing with everyone in the show.

My favorite Shining Stars show is “Music Through the Decades”. My favorite performance was “The Way You Make Me Feel” because I choreographed the dancers in the background.

My future goal is to do anything in entertainment, performer, singer, dancer, actor, director, producer and writer.

Some of our buddies have moved on to further their education and careers here are some of our Past buddies

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Johnny Bush

I love to play and practice golf. I also love to watch movies.
This is my 3rd year in Shining Stars. What I love most about it is getting to meet so many
wonderful people and hanging out with everyone at rehearsal. We have really become a
My favorite Shining Stars show was last year’s spring performance at UCPAC, I loved
being the Backstreet Boys!
I hope to one day play on the PGA Tour.
I started with Shining Stars because I needed a confirmation service project and I thought this would be fun to be a part of. Since then, the kids and the whole special needs community has become such an important part of my life, and I’ll never forget it!

Jane Howlett
— I like to perform, read and play tennis.
— I just started with Shining Stars in fall 2018.
— I loved getting to be a part of the first ever Shining Stars Christmas Spectacular.
— I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and making so many new friends has been awesome!! I look forward to being a buddy with Shining Stars through my years in high school.

Meghan S.
— I love playing basketball and have played since I was in third grade. I was captain on the Varsity team at the high school this year and might play club in college.

— I started Shining Stars my sophomore year and was in tech crew for two years. I began participating in the show for the winter show and now the Spring show!! The thing I like most about Shining Stars is it is a place for everyone to be themselves and everyone there will accept you for who you are.

— My favorite Shining Stars show was Music through the Decades because it was fun to hear old music and have dances to them. My favorite performance is Raise You Up from this year’s show!

— My future goals are to go to college and become a Speech Pathologist.

— Shining Stars has allowed me to build lifelong friends and create bonds with some really special people. Participating in this show has motivated me to step out of my comfort zones and see the beauty in everyone.