Meet Our Team

Sally Curci – Co-Founder and Creative Director

Sally is the co-founder and creative director of all aspects of Shining Stars Network from our Talent Shows, which began in 2012, starring members of the special needs community. Sally, who is blessed with two special needs children of her own, prides herself in creating a nurturing and fun environment where each person has the opportunity to grow and develop self confidence both on and off the stage. She believes that every individual has unique skills and should have a platform to show off their talents and truly shine. Sally has a Masters Degree in Education from TCNJ and is a special educator at Academy 360 Upper School which serves individuals on the autism spectrum.

Mike Curci – Co-Founder, CEO and CFO

Mike Curci, after spending nearly 25 years in the spotlight of broadcast television and radio, founded and developed the concept for Shining Stars Network after being inspired by the tremendous success of their annual talent shows. 

“To watch the joy, triumph and talent that takes the stage each year is truly inspirational. It seemed only natural to not only share these talents through the creation of Shining Stars Network, but to expand our reach through digital media to highlight these incredible stories.”

Mikes goal is for our organization to be a celebration of the special needs community. Mike and Sally know first-hand how their own children with special needs have added to their lives in so many wonderful ways. They are the true inspiration that drives them every day with their unconditional love and accomplishments.

Nicole Greene – Director of Community Outreach

Nicole has an incredible passion for working with and developing children with special needs while making sure they have the opportunity to become the best they can be. Nicole and Sally also spear-headed the creation of our Special Needs Theater Camp, Camp Shine, which is now in its 5th year.

Nicole holds an undergraduate degree in Special Education, Elementary Education and Psychology from Wagner College and a Masters degree from Ball State University. She is the co-director for the Shining Stars Talent Shows and has been a part of the organization since its inception. Nicole also has a background in performing arts, singing, and songwriting.

James Greene – Director of Operations

James Greene works tirelessly to make sure that Shining Stars Network continues to provide as many opportunities as possible. With a background in sales and marketing, James guides Shining Stars Networks future growth. He works with Mike Curci and the rest of the team to develop and organize; fundraising events, plan new shows and Ambassador basketball games. James believes in the positive change that the opportunity to shine has had on the individuals involved and hopes to offer the chance to shine to all of the special needs community throughout America.